Our Management


Ass. Director

Mr. Olorunfemi Stephen Kunle

(HND Accounting(2007), AIFC (2010) )

Olorunfemi Stephen Kunle, a seasoned administrator. With over 15 years experience in both public and private sectors, He has experience in financial banking, management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. He has managed at Union Assurance company Ltd, Microfinance and more, He is a member of Associate Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria (AIFC).



Mr. Olorunfemi Emmanuel Tunde

(Diploma in Computer Studies (2006) B. Ed(1990) PGD(2005)).

Olorunfemi Tunde Emmanuel is an efficient, effective, and versatile teacher with many years of experience. He is an erudite scholar, a community leader, and an astute administrator. He was appointed Supervisor for Health and Social Services in Ikere Local Government, Ekiti-State, Nigeria (1997-1998) and the Secretary to Local Government (SLG)(2000-2002) respectively. He has lectured at the Institute of Journalism, Abuja, Ado-Ekiti Campus. Olorunfemi Emmanuel Tunde was a political analyst and a current affairs commentator


School Registrar

Head Teacher Pre-School

Mrs. Chioke E. Ifeoma

(Gd. II Cert., HND Accounting)

Mrs. Chioke E.I has HND in Accounting at one of the reputable institutes in the country. She is an educationist who has attended various training in educational sector in Nigeria. She believes that academics are very important, and always help her pupils feel valuable in the world.

Non-Teaching Staff Representative


Mrs Jegede Caroline

Mrs Jegede Caroline is a representative of non-teaching staff on the management board. She happens to be one of the oldest hands in the school and a professional to the core with many years of experience as a Computer Instructor and Typist.